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Friday, March 6, 2015

My First Bachelorette Party

Even now, something that with mixed company I don't lead a conversation with, is my love for getting my nails done or buying cute shoes for my wife. So I'm going out on a limb here to tell everyone that last night I attended my first bachelorette party, and it was so fun! When Angela and I received our invitations a month ago it made me very happy to be included and the invitation was so cute! It informed us that all the "party monsters" would be meeting up at a nice hotel, eating at a fun restaurant called Stacked and then back to the hotel for spa and truth or dare.
When we arrived at the hotel we played "have you ever" as an icebreaker. If you've never played this game its where you have to keep taking shots each time they mention something you have ever done, thus admitting to scandalous things. The bride to be does not drink alcohol so the drinks were replaced with bad tasting liquids like pure turmeric juice. The game was a good way to build camaraderie by sharing some dirty little secrets and gaining a common enemy in that darn juice!

When we left for Stacked we were given a scavenger hunt list of things like "get a guy to serenade the bride to be". One the girls went above and beyond on this one. She got 6 or 7 guys to sing As Long as You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys. Angela and I were very impressed. The toasted marshmallow milkshakes were amazing, and everyone was very social and lively.

We went into the spa had girl talk and again played have you ever until it got late and we were kicked out of the spa. The guy that came to kick us out said "OK ladies the pools closed" and then stared and watched each one of us get out of the pool. One of the girls when we got back to our room said "I bet he thought you are the luckiest dude". I was lucky, but not for any of the reasons that guy may have been thinking. Last night was a dream come true, I can't thank the bride enough for sharing her night with Angela and me.

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