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Monday, March 9, 2015

Flower Chasing & Handmade Jewelry

One time when when there was thunder and lightning outside, Angela and I took to the streets and chased lightning all the way deep into the wilderness.  This weekend we decided to chase something a little less dangerous.. flowers, and it was so much fun! We took our friend Erika with us and drove to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. They had purple flowers that smelled like grape soda and an impressive display of poppies. And yes Angela did take that picture of poppies at the top of this post. :) We felt like we might be able to find more flowers if we were to drive around outside the reserve and we found so many more cool and beautiful things. Like this boat in the middle of nowhere I am now captain of.

On the next day, Angela and I went to an all ladies handmade jewelry and spray tan party. The jewelry there was dainty and beautiful. The party supported Tiny Loving Canines & all the shelter dogs. I have to say even the boxes the jewelry came in had cute little jeweled paw prints. :3 Since we went I've seen other guys trying to get invited to her later events. Anyone that knows me knows how diligently I strive to be accepted in the female community; I would like to thank Brittani Berman for inviting me despite it was an all female affair. The simple truth is that it’s a bad idea to invite a guy to a girl’s event. It’s a comfortable place that girls don’t have to worry about guys being bored by girl things, being judgmental, or trying to hit on you.
The party was a dream come true for me. Gems of Hope & Lexi's line of jewelry were so pretty! And everyone was so pleasant and agreeable. We made so many good new friends. It saddens me to think that the fact that I'm a guy might make me more trouble then I'm worth to invite to most of these events. Thank you so much for accepting me as the only exception to your party, even though other guys want to jump on that bandwagon now. The jewelry looked even better in person and I suggest that if anyone has not had a chance to see particularly Lexi's line should, you will not be disappointed.  Angela loves her new jewelry we picked out together and we could not be happier with the wonderful new friends we've made.

Check out Gems of Hope on Facebook and there website is and 15% goes to TLC and to help dogs get out of high kill shelters!

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